Empowering Communities through Culinary Education: The Mobile Kitchen Initiative(MTK) at Dundee Food Festival - Dundee Food Festival
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Empowering Communities through Culinary Education: The Mobile Kitchen Initiative(MTK) at Dundee Food Festival

MTK invites you to visit their stall at Dundee Food Festival at the Festival Hub at City Square on Saturday 6 July from 10am-7pm and Sunday 7 July from 11am-6pm to sample innovative, nutritious meals and snacks. Join in making a difference while enjoying the delicious offerings that MTK had prepared for this exciting event!

Introduction to Mobile Kitchen Initiative
The NNEdPro Mobile Kitchen Initiative (MTK) is a transformative program dedicated to empowering vulnerable community members through culinary nutrition education and microenterprise development. By focusing on enhancing the health and wellbeing of women, children and families at risk of nutritional deficiencies, MTK addresses critical challenges and improves diet and health outcomes in underserved and marginalized communities worldwide.

The MTK Model: Tackling Food Insecurity and Promoting Financial Stability
The MTK model serves as a powerful nutrition education tool designed to combat food insecurity and malnutrition. Recognising the vital link between access to nutritious food and financial stability, MTK educates community members on best nutritional practices while equipping them with the skills necessary to generate income through micro-entrepreneurship. This dual strategy fosters self-sufficiency and offers sustainable solutions to the persistent barriers of limited food access and financial constraints.

As a community hub for malnutrition prevention, health promotion and disease prevention MTK trains
marginalized women to become micro-entrepreneurs and culinary health educators. By addressing food insecurity, malnutrition and economic challenges, MTK significantly impacts participating communities, promoting resilience through knowledge about healthy, cost-effective diets and sustainable dietary patterns.

MTK recently partnered with Dundee and Angus college to introduce a Teaching Kitchen initiative. This provides essential support in training and equipping community members with the skills needed for both culinary excellence and microenterprise development. This partnership seeks to not only enrich the lives of individuals, but also foster a stronger, more resilient community.

The Mobile Kitchen Initiative at the Dundee Food Festival
MTK will be participating in Dundee Food Festival, with a stall that embodies the MTK model. The stall will feature a range of locally sourced, nutritious meal options available for purchase, prepared by the talented MTK Champions. They will be offering a diverse selection of bento boxes, each packed with nutrition and made from locally sourced ingredients. These cost effective and waste minimizing meals not only provide delicious and healthy options but also demonstrate the principles of sustainable eating.

MTK will be located at the Festival Hub in City Square, along with a wide range of foodie delights, where you can sample food, grab a drink at the bar and explore eco-friendly markets.

The Mobile Kitchen Initiative Dundee Food Festival Pledge
MTK pledge to offer seasonal local produce, where available and indicate these where appropriate. By collaborating with local suppliers to secure fresh, locally sourced ingredients, their recipes are crafted to include seasonal fruits and vegetables, intentionally chosen to support the local community.

They also have a plan in place to reduce food waste. Their meals are specifically designed to provide the exact quantity of nutrients for a day’s sustenance. With this targeted approach, they can ensure that nutritional needs of the community are met whilst also minimizing food waste, as there is little to no leftover food. MTK also pledge to not use single use-plastic. The MTK team has opted for reusable bento boxes which can be taken home by community members and used for future meals. This not only minimizes waste, but also provides a practical and convenient solution for those who may not have access to proper storage or reheating options.

Further, MTK also focuses on energy conservation. They utilize energy-efficient equipment and strive to reduce energy consumption across all operations. Their implementation of sustainable food practices involves providing cooked chilled food without the need for on-site heating. All food preparation and sales are carried out by local champions, fostering community engagement and support.

The Dundee Food Festival
The Dundee Food Festival is a vibrant celebration of local food culture, sustainability and community spirit. Coming this summer, the two-day city-wide festival will take place on the 6 & 7 July. Eat, Drink, Play and Think during this weekend of delicious fun!

Find out more at www.dundeefoodfestival.com