Sustainability Charter - Dundee Food Festival
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Dundee Food Festival’s Sustainable Charter

At the heart of the Dundee Food Festival lies a commitment to sustainability. We believe in celebrating food in a way that nourishes both individuals and the planet.  We’re inviting partners and participating organisations in our festival to sign up to our Festival Charter and make a pledge outlining how they align with the festival’s objectives.  Attendees are not required to pledge but we welcome you to 

Share your sustainable actions with us on social media using the hashtag #PlayMyPartDFF.

We’re all on this sustainable journey together, striving to make a positive impact.

Sustainable Charter Objectives

Our objectives encompass incorporating seasonal local produce to support regional farmers, reducing food waste to promote responsible consumption, and eliminating single-use plastic to minimize environmental impact.  By embracing these principles, we aim to create a food festival that fosters a connection with our local food ecosystem and promotes wider community engagement in sustainability efforts.

If you are a partner delivering activities within the festival, please complete your pledge form

Incorporate Seasonal Local Produce

Offering seasonal local produce not only celebrates the region’s culinary diversity but also supports local farmers and reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation. It aligns with the festival’s ethos of promoting sustainable food practices and fosters a connection between attendees and the local food ecosystem. Indicating the use of seasonal local produce on the menu enhances transparency and educates attendees about the importance of consuming locally sourced ingredients.

Reduce Food Waste

Implementing a plan to reduce food waste reflects the festival’s commitment to sustainability and responsible consumption. By minimising food waste, the festival can minimise its environmental impact, conserve resources, and support efforts to address global food insecurity. Providing information about the food waste reduction plan not only demonstrates accountability but also encourages attendees to adopt similar practices in their own lives, thus promoting wider community engagement in sustainability efforts.

Eliminate Single-Use Plastic

By eliminating single-use plastic, the festival demonstrates environmental stewardship and reduces plastic pollution, which is a significant concern globally. This commitment aligns with evolving consumer preferences for eco-friendly events and contributes to the city’s broader sustainability goals.