Dressing Up Dundee: Sustainable Floristry for the Dundee Food Festival - Dundee Food Festival
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Dressing Up Dundee: Sustainable Floristry for the Dundee Food Festival

As the Dundee Food Festival approaches, the city is buzzing with preparations. One of the most eye-catching and significant contributions comes from a talented florist based in Angus. Known for their commitment to sustainability and stunning designs, Branches and All, are transforming the Dundee letters with vibrant, locally sourced flowers and foliage.

A Commitment to Sustainability
Branches and All aren’t just about creating beautiful arrangements, they’re dedicated to sustainable practices. All the materials used in dressing up the Dundee letters are sourced within a 30-mile radius of the city, ensuring a minimal carbon footprint. By growing many of their own plants and flowers at their depot, they maintain a self-sufficient operation. This dedication to locality and sustainability is not only better for the environment but also supports local farmers and businesses.

One of the most impressive aspects of this project is the repurposing of foliage and materials. Instead of purchasing new letters or decorations, Branches and All creatively covers existing signage, giving it a new life with a Dundee Food Festival vibe. This approach not only reduces waste, but also adds a unique touch to the letters, ensuring longevity.

By incorporating splashes of colour and repurposing what might otherwise be discarded, the arrangements become a story of locality and sustainability. The colour palette chosen for the festival is a stunning blend of oranges and greens. This combination is not only beautiful, but also ties together the vibrant energy of the festival with the natural beauty of the region. A significant step in this sustainable journey is the florist’s decision to move away from using foam, which is notoriously unsustainable. Instead, they are exploring and implementing methods that are more eco-friendly.

Celebrating Local Quality
The transformation of Dundee’s signs isn’t a solo effort. Branches and All has partnered with Dundee Botanic Garden to ensure the arrangements are not only beautiful, but also reflective of Dundee’s horticultural heritage. Stefania, from Branches and All, stated “It’s great to see different gardens in the city coming together”.

As Dundee Food Festival gets underway, visitors will be greeted by these thoughtfully crafted, sustainable and beautiful floral arrangements. Through the use of vibrant colours, repurposed materials and local plants, the florist not only beautifies the city, but also champions a message of environmental stewardship and local pride.

Follow the journey along on social media and to see the behind the scenes glimpse of the preparations.

The Dundee Food Festival
The Dundee Food Festival is a two-day city wide vibrant celebration of local food culture, sustainability, and community spirit, taking place on 6th and 7th July. The festival brings together residents, businesses, and organisations to showcase the region’s rich culinary heritage and promote sustainable practices in the food industry.
Commitment to sustainability is at the heart of Dundee Food Festival, celebrating food in a way that nourishes both individuals and the planet. The objectives of the Dundee Food Festival encompasses incorporating seasonal local produce to support regional farmers, reducing food waste to promote responsible consumption, and eliminating single-use plastic to minimize environmental impact. By embracing these principles, Dundee Food Festival aims to foster a connection with the local food ecosystem and promote wider community engagement in sustainability efforts.

Find out more at www.dundeefoodfestival.com