Embracing Tradition and Community: Jannettas Gelateria and the Dundee Food Scene - Dundee Food Festival
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Embracing Tradition and Community: Jannettas Gelateria and the Dundee Food Scene

Nestled within the vibrant food culture of Dundee lies Jannettas Gelateria, a much-valued establishment that has been serving up delectable gelato and sorbet for over 5 generations. As a proud member of the Dundee Food Scene, Jannettas has not only witnessed but actively contributed to the evolution of the city’s culinary landscape. We spoke to Lewis, who is part of the Jannettas team to discuss why being part of the community is a source of pride for Jannettas Gelateria.

One of the most endearing aspects of being part of the Dundee food scene is the palpable sense of pride that permeates through the locals. Lewis highlights how Dundee’s “As One” ethos fosters a welcoming environment where a diverse range of cuisines and culinary expertise are celebrated. For Jannettas
Gelateria, this ethos provides a platform to share their story, passion and award-winning products with the community.

Beyond crafting award-winning gelato and sorbet, Jannettas actively engages with local schools, fostering educational initiatives and giving back to the community. A recent initiative saw Jannettas working with Dundee High School, giving S1 Business Studies pupils the chance to create a new flavour for the Jannettas gelato makers.

Jannettas Rich History
As a fifth-generation family gelateria that has reached 116 years of producing and serving gelato and sorbet, Jannettas has stayed true to its roots while embracing innovation. From traditional gelato recipes passed down through generations to unique flavour creations inspired by local produce, Jannettas blends Italian heritage with Scottish influences, creating a truly authentic culinary experience.

When reflecting on key moments and milestones in the Jannettas journey, Lewis highlights the cherished tradition of families returning to Jannettas with their grandchildren. This cycle of loyalty and nostalgia underscores the lasting impact Jannettas has on its customers, turning visitors into family traditions.
Jannettas Involvement in Dundee Food Festival.

Participating in the inaugural Dundee Food Festival this summer is a moment of excitement for Jannettas. It’s a great opportunity to showcase their award-winning gelato and sorbet, connect with the local community and celebrate the rich culinary heritage of Dundee.

Jannettas can be found at Slessor Gardens Picnic Zone during the Dundee Food Festival on
6 & 7 July. They have revealed that visitors can expect a unique, never made before flavour – just for the weekend! Lewis believes that the Dundee Food Festival is important for the local community in that it is a tangible reminder of the talented food and drink producers in the city and what Dundee really has to offer.

Commitment to Sustainability
Beyond making delectable treats, Jannettas is committed to food sustainability. They source local produce, minimise waste through efficient inventory management and utilise compostable and
recyclable packaging. This dedication not only reduces environmental impact but also promotes the vitality of the local food industry – a crucial step towards a more sustainable future.

Whilst discussing food sustainability, Lewis emphasises how sourcing local produce reduces transportation distances and packaging amounts, enhances the quality of the local food
industry, and attracts more people to Dundee, concentrating consumption within the area.

The Local Food Scene
In the spirit of supporting local, Jannettas highlights three of their favourite local producers – Aimers Coffee, Heather Street Food and Pittormie Fruit Farm – each contributing greatly to Dundee’s vibrant food scene.

Being part of Dundee’s food scene isn’t just about serving delicious food, it’s about creating connections, preserving tradition and embracing the spirit of community. As Dundee continues to evolve and innovate, its culinary landscape will always reflect the people, stories and flavours that make it truly special. This is why we invite you to Eat, Drink, Play and Think to celebrate locality, during the Dundee Food Festival this summer.