Volunteer at the Dundee Food Festival - Dundee Food Festival
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Volunteering at the Festival

As a volunteer, you’ll be at the heart of the action, helping to create memorable experiences for visitors and supporting the smooth running of the festival.

Volunteers will help transform our festival hub into a bustling food & drink market. From setting up vendor booths and arranging seating areas to helping coordinate entertainment, your hands-on support will ensure that every aspect of the festival runs smoothly.

Be the friendly face of the festival as you interact with visitors, provide information about partner events and the festival programme, and guide guests to their next delicious discovery. Your enthusiasm and knowledge will enhance the festival experience for everyone who attends.


Volunteers will be stationed in Dundee’s vibrant city centre, either at the Festival Hub in City Square or across Slessor Gardens and the Waterfront. Whether you’re at the heart of the action in the Festival Hub or enjoying the scenic views along Slessor Gardens and the Waterfront, there’s a role for everyone to contribute to the excitement of the festival.

How to join in

To become a valued volunteer at the Dundee Food Festival, sign up for a volunteering account through the Dundee City Council’s Volunteer Hub. By registering yourself, you’ll gain access to all the latest opportunities and be first in line to be part of this exciting event.


Keep an eye on our website for updates on when volunteer opportunities will be launched and take the first step towards an unforgettable experience.