Tummy Rumble - A Parachute Play Event - Dundee Food Festival
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Join us for a free drop-in play event with artist Katherine Fay Allan; centred around a hand-made play parachute featuring enlarged images of microorganisms found in the human digestive system.

Together, through play, we will learn about what happens in our bellies and how to keep them healthy. Children (aged between 4 – 8) are invited to sit in a circle accompanied by their family members and take part in games. Katherine Fay will provide a series of activities based on classic parachute games such as fruit salad, popcorn, and parachute partners; but reframed to promote the benefits of a varied diet, visiting green spaces, and good sleep schedules.

The event is sure to fill your families’ minds and tummies with good gut feelings.

The organisers of this event have pledged to...

Eliminate Single-Use Plastic
Going The Extra Mile
Incorporate Seasonal Local Produce
Reduce Food Waste