Think and Try, Before you Buy – a workshop to explore Fair Trade - Dundee Food Festival
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  • Organisation: One World Centre/Dundee Fair Trade Forum
  • Ticket price: Free
  • Entry requirements: Contact to book a space.
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This workshop will be informal and interactive, exploring what we can expect from a Fairtrade marked product, the 10 Principles of Fair Trade and what it means for Dundee being recognised as a Fairtrade Community.

As well as information, there will be free samples of Fairtrade goods, including chocolate! We will discuss how Fairtrade producer communities mitigate the challenges of climate change through the social premium paid and the high environmental standards required by the Fairtrade principles. Twenty years after first becoming a Fairtrade City, we will talk about what the Dundee Fair Trade Forum is doing to maintain our ongoing Fairtrade Community status, and how local people can get involved. Sponsored by Scotmid.

Please note: The workshop will run twice, once on Saturday and once on Sunday but it is the same workshop.