Señor Fried - Dundee Food Festival
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Señor Fried will be at Dundee Food Festival. From Venezuela to the wee corners of Dundee we provide a magnificent culinary experience. One tequeño at a time.

The organisers of this event have pledged to...

Eliminate Single-Use Plastic
Incorporate Seasonal Local Produce
Reduce Food Waste

We will offer seasonal local produce, where available, and indicate these where appropriate

At Señor Fried, we prioritise using seasonal local produce in our menu. We collaborate closely with suppliers to ensure fresh sourced ingredients feature prominently.

We have a plan in place to reduce food waste

We slowly fill up our machines so that we don’t over-bring food to the event. As supplies sell, we restock our machines.

We will not use single-use plastic

We do not use single-use plastics, we provide our customers with bamboo cutlery and paper bags to ensure no plastic gets wasted.