Pollinator Playtime - Dundee Food Festival
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  • Organisation: Bumblebuddeez at Bumblebee Conservation Trust

At the Dundee Food Festival you can EAT DRINK PLAY THINK but did you know that one in three mouthfuls of food that you eat is pollinated by BEES and other insects. At our Pollinator Play Activity Hubs in the Central Dundee and Broughty Ferry Libraries, we invite you to PLAY, Learn and Enjoy our fun activities which we hope will make you THINK about where a lot of your food comes from.

Meet Polly the Power Pollinator who will help you learn about bumblebees and other pollinators and how they can turn flowers into fruit and vegetables as if by magic. Have a go at making a Pollinator Puppet, Creating your own Miniature Bumblebee Friendly Garden, or trying our Pollinator Quizzes and other Competitions. You can have fun while learning what you can do to help our Precious Pollinators…. and you might even win a prize. Please join us.

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