The Mobile Teaching Kitchen Initiative - Dundee Food Festival
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The Mobile Teaching Kitchen (MTK) introduces a novel approach to nutrition education, targeting food insecurity and malnutrition. At the Dundee Food Festival, our aim is to instil healthy eating habits and nutritional awareness through balanced meal templates.

Our stall, employing the MTK model, will showcase locally sourced, nutritious meal options available to purchase prepared by the MTK Champions. Through interactive sessions, attendees will learn about the importance of sustainable food choices. This initiative aligns with the festival’s themes of Eat, Drink, Play, and Think, enriching the overall experience while promoting wellness.

With the support from our partners Dundee & Angus College and the Ristolab, along with City Council backing, proceeds from booth sales will sustain the MTK initiative, ensuring its ongoing impact in the community. Come and sample innovative, healthy and highly nutritious meals and snacks based on our specially formulated recipes from South Asia, the Mediterranean and Scotland.

The organisers of this event have pledged to...

Eliminate Single-Use Plastic
Going The Extra Mile
Incorporate Seasonal Local Produce
Reduce Food Waste

We will offer seasonal local produce, where available, and indicate these where appropriate

The MTK (Mobile Teaching Kitchen) model is a sustainable approach to addressing food insecurity and malnutrition. As a nutrition education tool, it aims to improve diet and health outcomes in underserved and marginalized communities with diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.

We emphasize the use of seasonal local produce in our menu, collaborating with local suppliers to secure fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Our recipes are thoughtfully crafted to include seasonal fruits and vegetables, intentionally chosen to support the local community.

The MTK model’s focus on sustainability is evident in its comprehensive approach. By empowering individuals to become self-reliant through skills-building and income-generating opportunities, the initiative breaks the cycle of food insecurity and promotes long-term resilience within the communities it serves. This holistic, sustainable model ensures that the positive impacts on diet, health, and financial stability are not only immediate but also enduring.

We have a plan in place to reduce food waste

A key aspect of the MTK model is the provision of carefully portioned, nutrient-dense meals in bento boxes. Rather than offering large, unmanageable portions, the meals are specifically designed to provide the exact quantity of nutrients required for a day’s sustenance. This targeted approach not only ensures that the nutritional needs of the community members are met but also minimizes food waste, as there is little to no leftover food. By selling these pre-cooked, chilled meals, the MTK Initiative enables community members to take the food home and consume it at their convenience, potentially even sharing it with their families. This flexibility reduces the likelihood of the meals going to waste, as individuals can enjoy the food on their own schedule. The MTK team is also dedicated to promoting sustainable waste management practices. We will guide festival attendees on proper waste disposal, ensuring that any leftover materials or packaging are handled responsibly.

The holistic approach of the MTK model, combining nutrient-dense meals, portion control, and sustainable waste management, demonstrates a deep commitment to creating a lasting, environmentally conscious solution to address food insecurity and malnutrition in underserved communities.

We will not use single-use plastic

Rather than relying on disposable, single-use plastic containers, the MTK team has opted for these reusable bento boxes that can be taken home by community members and used for future meals. This not only minimizes waste but also provides a practical and convenient solution for those who may not have access to proper storage or reheating options.

The bento boxes are designed to be durable and easy to clean, ensuring that they can be used multiple times. This reusable model aligns with the MTK’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, as it reduces the need for wasteful single-use packaging.

Furthermore, the bento boxes are microwave-friendly, allowing community members to easily reheat their meals at home or on the go.


In our efforts to address the global crisis of malnutrition in all its forms, we have implemented sustainable food practices that provide cooked chilled food without the need for on-site heating. All food preparation and sales are carried out by local champions, fostering community engagement and support. Additionally, we ensure that all ingredients are locally sourced, supporting nearby farmers and reducing the carbon emissions associated with transportation.

A key initiative of ours is energy conservation. We utilize energy-efficient equipment and strive to reduce energy consumption across all operations. By prioritizing energy efficiency, we minimize our environmental impact and contribute to sustainable practices that benefit both local communities and the planet.