Loose Parts Play & Smoothie Bike - Dundee Food Festival
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Facilitating real and engaging play using safe and recycled materials originally destined for landfill, donated from industries across Dundee. Allowing attendees to explore creativity, lone and team working skills, communication skills, independence, resourcefulness, sustainability, and science.

Come and blend your very own smoothie on ScrapAntics’ smoothie bike! Choose from a range of fruit to create your own unique flavour combo and cycle it into a delicious drink! All completely free of charge.

The organisers of this event have pledged to...

Eliminate Single-Use Plastic
Going The Extra Mile
Reduce Food Waste

We have a plan in place to reduce food waste

Our smoothies are made using fruit from Fareshare, who distribute food waste from supermarkets. We minimise food waste by offering customers to choose their own flavours and making mini smoothies.

We will not use single-use plastic

We offer biodegradable paper smoothie cups which were donated to us, so they are doubly sustainable!


At ScrapAntics our ethos is ‘creative recycling’. All our resources are rescued from landfill making them incredibly sustainable and part of the circular economy in Dundee.

Our smoothie bike is powered not be electricity but by the leg power of people – what is more sustainable than that!