Daily Grind Coffee Co - Dundee Food Festival
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Daily Grind Coffee Co will be operating a coffee truck on both days of Dundee Food Festival. Come along and try our amazing coffee and locally sourced selection of cakes.

The organisers of this event have pledged to...

Eliminate Single-Use Plastic
Incorporate Seasonal Local Produce
Reduce Food Waste

We will offer seasonal local produce, where available, and indicate these where appropriate

At Daily Grind Coffee, we are strongly committed to supporting our community and the environment. All our current food produce comes from local suppliers, ensuring the freshest ingredients while providing support to local businesses. Our fine coffee is sourced from Fife, just 35 miles away from our door.


We have a plan in place to reduce food waste

At Daily Grind Coffee, to minimise food waste, we frequently support local charity organisations and homeless units. By doing so, we ensure that surplus food is put to good use, benefiting those in need. We are dedicated to sustainability and community support. We also very proudly offer our used coffee grounds to local gardeners, providing a natural and enriching addition to their soil. By repurposing our coffee grounds, we help reduce waste and contribute to healthier gardens in our community. Enjoy your coffee, knowing you’re supporting eco-friendly practices with every sip.

We will not use single-use plastic

We also prioritise sustainability, most of our lids, paper cups and straws are made from recycled and biodegradable materials. In the very near future, we are beginning an initiative where our customers will be rewarded for using reusable cups. Enjoy local, sustainable goodness with every visit to Daily Grind Coffee.