Café Cooking with Gillian Veal - Dundee Food Festival
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Join us at Waterstones Dundee on Sunday 7th July at 4pm, where we are delighted to host Gillian Veal to celebrate the launch of Café Cooking, perfect for all fans of the Parlour and Cambo cafés. The new cookbook includes both new recipes and old favourites, brunches and lunches and everything in between. Tickets are free, but please contact or ask a bookseller to reserve your place.

The organisers of this event have pledged to...

Eliminate Single-Use Plastic
Going The Extra Mile
Reduce Food Waste

We have a plan in place to reduce food waste

At our café, we are minimising food waste via the Too Good To Go scheme, where bags of food that would otherwise be thrown out are available at the end of the day.

We will not use single-use plastic

At Waterstones, we have replaced single use plastic bags with paper bags which can be reused and recycled. In our café, we have also eliminated single use plastics from our customer-facing merchandising and have instead adopted biodegradable paper packaging.


Sustainability is a key concern in our partnerships, and as we have extended our existing involvement with B Corp organisations such as Beyond the Bean, FSC, and Minor Figures Oat Milk, with seven further partnerships: Union Coffee Roasters, Joe’s Tea, The Handmade Cake Company, Too Good to Go, Karma Drinks, Innocent Drinks and Tony’s Chocolonely. Both our coffee and tea supplies are also now sourced on the farm direct model, connecting the farmer to the consumer.